Film Production

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Script and Pitch

We offer a specialised service reading your short or feature length script. From detailed notes regarding structure, story and pacing to budgetary advice and beyond. Even if you haven’t begun the writing process, we can assist at the concept stage, advising on feasibility of the project along with suggesting collaborators.



Once you have finance in place we have a lifetime of contacts in all areas of film production and post production. We can also provide an overview of budgeting and logistics, not forgetting the crucial area of deliverables.


The Final Cut

Often the most difficult part of the creative process. After months or even years on the project, directors and producers often find themselves too close to be objective. This is where we are most valuable, to provide a fresh set of eyes helping to resolve issues and make sure your project reaches its commercial potential.

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Festival Submission

There are literally thousands of film festivals worldwide and it seem can bewildering to know where and how to apply. We can guide you through this potentially treacherous path avoiding those less than reputable festivals.


Finding Distribution

We offer help with securing the best sales agent for your project through to worldwide distribution. Many of them we know personally and can connect films to the right sales agent.


Screening Hosting

We offer a full service to help you host your screenings. From introduction / Q and A events to helping you find the right cinema location.


PR & Marketing

Normally a distributor will run the PR and marketing in their territory for your film, however we can advise with EPK requirements and services, on set stills photographers, production notes etc.



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Starting a new cinema

Make no underestimation, this will be a daunting experience. We can provide assistance with site location suitability, dealing with the local authority, planning office, cash handling, projection systems, seating, film licensing and advice on how programme for your audience.


Cinema renovation

If you have an old cinema building needing some love, we can assist with everything you need to return the business to its former glory.


Marketing and Social Media

Marketing in exhibition has changed considerably over recent years and it’s no longer a simple matter of advertising in the local paper and hoping audiences turn up. Running successful social media campaigns alongside traditional methods of advertising such as printed programmes are vital if you are to keep your cinema busy.


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Maximising Concessions

Strong box office sales are only part of the available revenue stream to a cinema. Many exhibitors we visit are failing to capitalise on what is a captive market. Supplying the right concessions along with the right style of POS is vital for maximising sales and keeping your cinema in the black.


Finance and funding

It’s common to assume that if you want to build a new cinema or restore an existing one, public funding will be easily accessible. Everyone loves the idea of a new cinema in their town and they’ll tell you this right up until it’s time to talk capital investment. At this point you or your organisation will need to raise a significant percentage of this privately. That’s not to say public funding will not be available but you will need to be realistic with what you can access. We can help with suggesting investment possibilities along with preparing an accurate business plan, vital if your project is to succeed.


Technology and Projection

Cinema technology is constantly changing. We can look at your existing systems and suggest a way forward to modernise. Unlike many suppliers, we are not looking to sell you anything. The means if we don’t think you will need to upgrade at the moment, we’ll tell you.


Film Festivals


Starting a new festival

This a daunting task but with a clear concept it’s possible to build a viable business with a strong brand. We can help you get your festival off the ground with assistance in the following areas.


Location and Venues (licensing)

Partnering with suitable venues and obtaining any necessary licenses for your event is critical to avoid that fateful visit from the local authority on your opening day.


Marketing and Social Media

Communicating your festival brand to the right audience is key to filling screenings. We can help with advising on social media strategies alongside suggestions for conventional marketing techniques.


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Putting together a budget can be confusing for new festivals and it’s easy to overlook a multitude of expenses that crop up when holding an event. We have experience in both cinema based and outdoor festivals.


Sponsorship & Public Funding

Film festivals have several potential revenue streams to tap above and beyond the box office. We can advise on maximising those alongside suggesting sponsors.


Film Licensing

Obtaining the rights to show certain films can be a minefield. We have relationships with almost all the UK distributors and many others across Europe. We can help with introductions so you can secure preview screenings, regional premieres or simply advise on how to license films to show legally at your event.


BBFC and Censorship

We can advise on screening non-certified films and have a personal relationship with examiners at the BBFC who can provide guidelines on age ratings and audience suitability.






We can offer a full tailored talks, tutorials and Q&As in all aspects of film production and cinema to your education establishment alongside a specialism in cinema history.


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